Aldo and Dino Ballarin Collection

The Grande Torino team, with managers and journalists, died in a tragic plane crash on the Superga hill on May 4, 1949.
No team in the world has ever represented for soccer all that the Grande Torino succeeded in: the granata, led by Valentino Mazzola, had astounding and absolutely unrepeatable records. And they would have continued to win on all fronts if the most tragic fate had not come into play to stop them. But not to beat them. Because that team of great men and great champions went straight into legend.
Two chioggiotti boys were also part of this great team: brothers Aldo and Dino Ballarin.
Their family members have set up an exhibition room on the second floor of the civic museum: culture, history and sports are encompassed in the exhibition, which gathers family memorabilia, photographic material and videos. Balls, shoes, shin guards, shorts, passports, documents, plane tickets… are just some of the items in the room.

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