The Museum

The San Francesco Fuori le Mura Civic Museum of the Southern Lagoon exhibits archaeological and ethnographic collections from the lagoon area. Inaugurated in 1997 and housed in an ancient fourteenth-century convent, it is spread over three floors which trace the history of the city of Chioggia from pre-Roman times to the present day. The second floor is unique, dedicated to the local navy and shipbuilding industry.

La Sede

Ground floor

The room houses archaeological evidence dating from the Bronze Age to the 6th century. A.D.; some educational panels illustrate the evolution of the northern and southern coastline of Chioggia. Some reconstructive models, combined with photographic panels, document the oldest archaeological evidence found in the area.

First floor

This room is dedicated to Cristoforo Sabbadino, a famous hydraulic engineer in the service of the Serenessima who lived between 1500 and 1600. It collects the medieval, Renaissance and modern artefacts found on site. The room currently houses the Aldo and Dino Ballarin collection: the great Turin and Chioggiotto football.

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Second floor

The top floor is dedicated to shipbuilding and local navy and was set up thanks to the generous private collections of some citizens. The room houses finds dating from 1700 to the present, including a “marota” and various shipbuilding tools.

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