Education Project

The museum education project was born with the need to make the museum a place of preservation and transmission of tradition and also a “living” space of culture; a reality in which young people and the community actively enjoy the exhibits and can learn about local history through visual, tactile and playful experience.

The main purpose of this initiative is to create a link between the museum institution and the world of schools.

Closely linked to its territory, the museum documents the succession of events, the evolution of the city and its surroundings. Thus, knowledge of archaeological evidence stimulates students to respect the cultural heritage and the appreciation of the city’s historical and artistic heritage.

It is only through this work of raising awareness of the ancient artifact that the educational process that will make today’s young people attentive and responsible citizens can take place.

The museum didactics project is aimed at facilitating learning about local history and traditions through visits accompanied by expert operators and the implementation of manual workshops. The direct observation and the playful-educational aspect that characterize all educational paths bring children and young people closer to the museum institution and sensitize them to the issues of appreciation and knowledge of the lagoon’s artistic heritage.

Scientific evolution of the museum routes and especially the world of fishing and seafaring is represented “ClodiaLab – discovery, fun and history”: an interactive space dedicated to children’s learning.

Through the exploration of different thematic areas, participants can put on the shoes of sailors and fishermen of the lagoon and test with their hands the physical phenomena of the surrounding environment such as eddies and tides.

Info and reservations

Civic Museum: admission to the Museum is free for school groups and their accompanying teachers, children up to 18 years of age and university students. For all other information see the website. A guided tour of the Museum costs €3.

Educational Civic Museum: each workshop costs €3 per student (2 accompanying teachers have free admission for every 15 students). Approx. 25 students are allowed to enter; larger classes indicatively will be divided into groups.

ClodiaLab: access has the cost of 4€ per person, in the case of school groups the cost is 3€ (2 accompanying teachers have free admission for every 15 students). Access is by rounds of 45-minute visits. For reservations send a request to or call 041 5500911.

Didactics Civic Museum + ClodiaLab: Access to both workshops has a cost of €6 per student.


Send an email request:
Send the completed booking form (it is necessary to fill out a form for each class) at the address:

Or call the number:
041 5500911